The Findlay Township Police Department has enrolled in "A Child Is Missing Alert Program" (ACIM). This new resource will assist our department in attempting to locate a missing child (those under twenty-one years of age), whether they become missing by being lost, having run away or by criminal abduction. Additionally, this resource can be utilized when anyone of any age who is mentally or physically challenged, disabled, elderly (Alzheimer's/Dementia) or go missing.

How the System Works

When someone goes missing as described above, an officer will contact ACIM (888-875-2246) and speak to a technician who will be assigned to the case. Information will be provided to the technician that includes the name of the individual, description, location last seen and time and date last seen. There will be other general questions asked by the technician that will need to be answered. The technician will then prepare a personalized message with case details that will be sent out by placing 1,000 phone calls a minute to residents and businesses in the area the missing person was last seen. This is done by utilizing state-of-the-art geo-mapping and satellite imagery. The technician will make periodic contacts with our agency until the case is resolved. This program is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Number Registration

It's important for the public to know that unlisted phone numbers and many cell phone numbers are not part of the calling database, but can be added through a simple registration process on the ACIM website or by texting “ACIM” TO 99411. Also, an app is available at https://www.onsolve.com/solutions/products/codered/mobile-alert-app/codered-mobile-apps-download/

Is this Program the Same as the Amber Alert?

No! The Amber Alert is designed to aid in the search of abducted children (younger than 18) when it is presumed that their life is in danger. ACIM works in tandem with an Amber Alert, but can also assist in ALL missing cases, such as children that are abducted, lost, wander-offs, or run-a-aways, elderly (often with Alzheimer’s), mentally challenged, college students on campus or disabled individuals. These types of cases don’t need to meet the criterial of an Amber Alert.

What About Human Trafficking?

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