Western Allegheny Stormwater Awareness Group

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The Western Area Stormwater Awareness Group (WASAG) is made up of local municipalities - North Fayette Township, Findlay Township, Moon Township, Oakdale Borough, Coraopolis Borough, Crescent Township, Collier Township and Hopewell Township, along with the Montour Run Watershed Association and assistance from the Allegheny County Conservation District. The goal is to educate and engage our audiences on the impacts of stormwater.

WASAG members are working together and sharing ideas with the primary goal to educate the public regarding:

• Definition of stormwater runoff

• Why stormwater runoff is a problem

• The effects of pollution from residents, commercial, and agriculture

• What you can do to help

Education and public participation are required as part of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
(Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System) MS4 Permit report.