Bills are mailed on or about the first day of February. There is a 2% discount for 2 month period. Any questions regarding county taxes should be directed to the County Treasurer’s office as the Findlay Township Real Estate Tax Collector does not collect county taxes.

Your Responsibility
Every effort is made to mail tax statements to property owners but, it is by law, the responsibility of property owners to obtain and pay the taxes on time. The Allegheny County Treasurer and local Tax Collectors do not have the authority to waive penalty or interest charges that accrue after the due dates. You should receive all bills by March 1.

Inquiries regarding bills should be directed to:
Allegheny County Treasurer
Room 108 Courthouse
436 Grant Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

You can also call 412-350-4100 or 4101 or 4105, or toll-free 866-282-8297 (TAXS). The following phone numbers may also be helpful:
  • County Treasurer - 412-350-4120
  • County Assessor - 412-473-4600