Trash Removal & Recycling


Findlay Township contracts for local trash removal and recycling services. The current trash hauler for township residents is Waste Management. New residents must contact Waste Management to arrange for trash removal to begin at their home. Trash removal is scheduled every Thursday and beginning in 2024, recycling will also be collected weekly.

This schedule is sometimes delayed due to holidays or inclement weather. You can find trash removal days online or print out the most current calendar (2024 WM calendar). Should there be a delay in trash pick-up service due to inclement weather, residents will be notified with a telephone message, email or text from our Smart911 system, notification on our website and Facebook at FindlayTownship/Admin or they may contact the township office at 724-695-0500 for further information. 

Waste Management Gets Contract for Trash / Recycling

Our new contract for trash / recycling has been awarded to Waste Management of Pennsylvania, Inc. They were the successful low bidder for our contract that covers January 1, 2024 to December 31, 2028.  

 New Rates

  • Jan 1, 2024 to Dec 31, 2024- $30.43 per month/$91.29 per qtr
  • Jan 1, 2025 to Dec 31, 2025- $32.56 per month/$97.68 per qtr
  • Jan 1, 2026 to Dec 31, 2020- $34.84 per month/$104.52 per qtr
  • Jan 1, 2027 to Dec 31, 2027- $37.28 per month/$111.84 per qtr
  • Jan 1, 2028 to Dec 31, 2028- $39.79 per month/$119.37 per qtr


1. All Solid Waste (Trash) must be contained within the Township (95 gallon or 35 gallon) or Waste Management issued SOLID WASTE TOTE and must be contained in trash bags. NO SOLID WASTE OUTSIDE OR ON TOP OF THE TOTE WILL BE COLLECTED.

2. Additional Solid Waste totes are available and issued by Waste Management for the following ANNUAL fee per tote of $110 in 2024, $117.70 in 2025, $125.94 in 2026, $134.76 in 2027 and $144.19 in 2028. For additional Solid Waste totes contact WM at 1-800-866-4460 and request 'SERVICE CHANGE'.

3. PLACEMENT OF TRASH AND RECYCLING CONTAINERS - Trash and Recycling Totes will continue to be collected at curbside. Please allow THREE FOOT DISTANCE in between containers (and any physical structure like mailboxes, phone poles, etc.) 

Recycling Collection

Waste Management also provides pickup of recyclables (weekly beginning in 2024). Findlay Township requires residents to recycle paper, cardboard, newspaper, plastics #1 & #2, bi-metal, aluminum and glass (added back to the recycling collection beginning in 2024). Please note the curbside recycling does NOT accept glass panes, ceramics, windows and/or mirrors. Since 2019, and continuing in 2024, plastics #3-#7 are no longer accepted in curbside recycling. New residents will be provided with one recycling cart that can be obtained from the Township office. The non-wheeled recycling bins and lids are no longer available and in 2024 (and going forward) will no longer be accepted at curbside.

Additional recycling totes will be available from and provided by Waste Management at an annual cost per tote of $110 in 2024, $117.70 in 2025, $125.94 in 2026, $134.76 in 2027 and 144.19 in 2028. For additional Recycling totes contact WM at 1-800-866-4460 and request 'SERVICE CHANGE'.

Township continues to encourage single stream recycling. Simply put, all items that can be recycled should be placed into the recycling container: i.e. bimetals, plastics #1 & #2, newspapers, cardboard, and glass (glass starting in 2024).

Findlay Township also provides periodic recycling for tires (once per year); computer/electronics (twice per year); and yard waste/leaf collection (twice per year). 

Bulk Waste

As part of your contract with Waste Management, they will collect bulky items at curbside (ex. furniture, items that won't fit in the trash totes) ONE TIME PER MONTH. This collection is LIMITED TO TWO ITEMS PER MONTH and the household MUST contact Waste Management at 1-800-866-4460 or to schedule this special pick-up. Failure to schedule the pick-up will result in the extra Bulk Waste not being picked up.  

Household Hazardous Waste

As part of your contract with Waste Management, they provide an additional service at no cost to dispose of your household hazardous waste items such as electronics, televisions, garden chemicals, pool chemicals, paint, etc. With this program, they will pick up these type items at your door. Here's what you need to do: 1.  check this list to determine what is acceptable and not acceptable. 2. contact WM At Your Door to schedule an appointment (contact info on the list). 3. prepare your items for collection on your scheduled date. 4. leave the items outside your front door or garage. 


Senior Citizens

Under this service, registered senior citizens (age 67+ and be the owner of the residence) will continue to receive their trash and recycling services for free. However, seniors that need to utilize an additional Trash tote or Recycling tote will need to request an additional Trash Tote or Recycling Tote from WM and will be responsible for the WM additional yearly tote fee (per each additional tote) of $110 in 2024, $117.70 in 2025, $125.94 in 2026, $134.76 in 2027, and $144.19 in 2028. 

Mandatory Recycling Update

Read about how electronics recycling became mandatory (PDF) in 2013. Findlay Township will continue to hold spring and fall electronics recycling events. 


Tire Recycling

Conducted by Independence Conservancy at the following locations:

Next Scheduled: April 27, 2024


1058 Clinton Rd. Clinton

9:00 AM - NOON 


Individuals and small businesses welcome. No limit to the number of tires you may bring. No proof of residency required. Checks accepted with ID.


Up to 18" off rim - $5.00 each

Up to 18" on rim - $10.00 each

Over 18" off rim (SUV & Light Truck) - $7.00 each

Tractor Trailer up to 22.5" (no rims please) $25 each

Farm Tractor rear, up to 75 lbs. - $35 each

Farm Tractor rear, 75 to 150 lbs. - priced by weight

Farm Tractor rear, over 150 lbs. - priced by weight