Snow Fighting

The Public Works Department is responsible for snow and ice control for 41 miles of Township roads. Additionally, the Department is under contract for snow and ice control for 18.81 miles of State roads and 2.85 miles of county roads.

When snow or ice is forecast, the Public Works Department activates its Comprehensive Snow Plan. Exactly what measures are taken during the weather event depends on the amount of precipitation involved, what precipitation is predicted to fall, the temperature, and the expected duration of the storm.

Both snow plowing and salt-spreading operations help control winter road hazards. The effectiveness of salt depends on traffic volume, pavement type (concrete or asphalt), shaded areas and temperature. Salt is less effective when the temperature dips below 25 degrees (F) and may have no effect at all in very cold temperatures. At these lower temperatures, liquid calcium chloride is sprayed on the rock salt allowing it to be more effective.

Other Agencies
Not all roads within the Township are maintained for snow and ice control by the Public Works Department. Questions about roads not maintained by the Township should be directed to the agencies responsible:

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PA DOT, District #11) can be reached at 412-429-5000 and is responsible for these roads and highways:
  • Business 376 to Moon
  • Cork Bocktown Road
  • Route 30
  • Route 376, Airport Expressway

PA Turnpike Commission 
The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission Western Office can be reached at 724-755-5000 ad is responsible for this highway. The Turnpike Commission also has recorded Roadway and Weather Conditions at 1-866-976-8747.  
     •    576 Toll Road

Allegheny County
Allegheny County Public Works Garage can be reached at 412-350-4005 and is responsible for the following roads and highways:

  • Cliff-Mine Road
  • Enlow Road
Residents are reminded that the depositing of snow from driveways and sidewalks onto the street is illegal. Additionally, liability for accidents caused by snow deposited onto the street by a resident or person hired by a resident falls to that resident.

General Information
The Findlay Township Public Works Department personnel possess a variety of skills and are often called upon to perform maintenance and construction tasks for various township facilities including the parks and municipal buildings. The department also provides reimbursed support to the Findlay Township Municipal Authority.

Federal regulations regarding the hours of service for commercial truck drivers, (CDL) took effect in January of 2004. Municipal drivers were not exempted from these regulations with the exception of emergency situations, snow storms for example. Information about these rules are at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.