Storm Sewers

The Public Works Department maintains the township’s storm water systems. This is year 14 of the Township’s mandatory involvement with Phase II of the Federal Storm Water law known as the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System, or NPDES II. For further information, please visit the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection website and the Environmental Protection Agency website

In June 2015, a television camera inspection was performed on some of the storm sewers in Imperial. The resulting videos revealed many needed repairs which will be programmed into our work schedule. 
This year the Township will continue inspecting storm water out-falls and testing run off water where required by the law. This may require entering private property on occasion. Permission to enter private property will be requested from any property owner where there may be a need to determine a source of substances entering the storm sewers unless there is an existing storm sewer easement. The Township is required to inspect 25% of storm water out-falls annually.

Elimination of pollution in the storm sewer system requires the assistance of all residents. Please remember that storm sewer inlets are not disposal sites for animal waste, grass clippings, leaves, paint, paint thinner, gasoline, or engine oil, to name a few. Dumping these substances into storm sewers is illegal and harms the waterways that receive storm water run off. Additionally, many of the illegally dumped items can cause damage to underground storm sewer facilities requiring expensive repairs that are paid for by you, the taxpayer.