Ambulance Services


NorthWest EMS became Findlay Township's ambulance provider as of January 1, 2017. NorthWest has been the EMS provider for neighboring communities such as Collier, Oakdale, North Fayette and many other Pittsburgh communities.

Findlay Township residents in need of an emergency ambulance should call 9-1-1 or 724 695-7777 

NorthWest EMS prides itself on rapid responses and quality, compassionate care. They have been recognized for having the fastest response times in Allegheny County and strive to get to you quickly when you call 911. During peak hours, NorthWest has at least 8 ambulances on duty and can staff up to 11 ambulances if necessary. NorthWest staffs an ambulance at the Findlay Township Municipal Building and also has a staffed ambulance at the Imperial Station near Route 22 and 30.

NorthWest EMS holds an annual membership drive in April, and residents are encouraged to participate in this program. The membership provides residents with unlimited emergency medical services at a 50% discount on any outstanding balance related to those services. While insurance companies once paid 30%-100% of the bill, they are now leaving the patient with the responsibility of paying significant amounts - sometimes $800 or more. A membership with NorthWest EMS costs $40 for individuals and $60 for families. 

Findlay Township will continue to provide free subscriptions for NorthWest EMS to senior citizens, age 67 and older. Proof of age for each senior in the household must be provided to the Township to receive a new, free subscription.    

To inquire about CPR or first aid training or to obtain additional information about the life-saving services provided by NorthWest EMS, visit our web site at 

Ambulance Station