Block Parent Program

The primary purpose of the Block Parent Program is to protect children going to and from school. However, the program may also serve as a neighborhood service for distressed, frightened or injured children in the evening hours, or weekends and during the summer months. The home of the Block Parent is intended to serve as a safe refuge for children frightened, threatened or suffering from any type of emergency situation. The Block Parent provides a safe, convenient telephone station for all children in an emergency situation; a link between the child and his / her home.

Block Parents may assist in the following ways:
  1. Being aware of suspected and known criminal activity within the neighborhood which may be directed at youth.
  2. To report such activity to the police department and other Block Parents.
  3. To provide their homes as a safe refuge to a child who has been threatened, attacked or in fear of being harmed.
  4. To engender among parents and neighbors leadership and responsibility in making a safe and secure neighborhood for children.
  5. To be ever alert for potential victimization situations within the neighborhood.
  6. And to create responsible neighborhood action in assisting in crime prevention and detection.
Block Parent Definition
Block Parents are mothers, fathers and other concerned adults, residing within their respective school district, who have volunteered to be available, if required, to assist and protect children in need within their neighborhood.

Parent Qualifications
  • Good judgment
  • A telephone
  • Cleared by the police department (criminal history, background check)
  • A willingness to help children in distress
Duties of a Block Parent:
  1. You are primarily a place of refuge and a telephone link in any emergency situation.
  2. Your duties are not to act as a policeman, doctor, or nurse. You are a valuable link with these professional people.
  3. Determine the nature of the incident and use your own judgment and common sense.
  4. Do not let anyone else act as your substitute Block Parent.
  5. Display Block Parent sign in a conspicuous window or door.
Tangible Benefits
Tangible benefits of the Block Parent Program include the following:
  • Incidents towards children decrease or are eliminated.
  • "Friendly" fighting among children diminishes.
  • Community spirit of interest, cooperation increases.
  • Children feel safe and secure.
  • Respect for property (lawns, flowers) increases.
  • Police appreciate help of Block Parents.
  • There is a greater peace of mind for parents
Additional Information
  1. Block Parents do not have to be home at specific times. They can come and go as they please.
  2. Block Parents do not administer 1st aid. Their first duty is to call for help and keep the child as comfortable as possible until parents or competent medical aid arrives. You must use common sense in this area.
  3. The Block Parent has no legal authority other than that invested in the private citizen.
  4. Block Parent is strictly non-profit and volunteer.
Rules For "Block Parents"
  • Do not transport children in your car. Call the right person to solve the child's particular problem.
  • If the child is lost, call the Police Department at 724-695-7777.
  • A slightly injured child should be sent to the school or back to his home.
  • For seriously injured school children, call the police and then all the parents.
  • For a critically injured child, call the Police Department for help at once. Tell the Police if the ambulance is needed.
  • If the child is injured, do not administer First Aid except to stop excessive bleeding or to ease restricted breathing, following the instructions for notification listed above.
  • Do not offer food or beverage to any youngster. Some children are allergic to some foods. If the child should be diabetic, his diet is of critical importance.
  • If a child has been molested or frightened by a stranger or a child has witnessed an indecent exposure, notify the Police immediately. Do not question the child.
  • Always be on the alert for cars loitering near schools or playgrounds. Report any suspicious vehicles to the Police Department.
  • Avoid giving the child instructions which may conflict with his parents' teaching. Your job is to solve the problem at hand.
Joining the Block Parent Program
In order to participate in the Block Parents program you must submit a Block Parent Application Form (PDF) for each adult in your household. In order for the Police Department to perform the necessary background check, you must also submit a Waiver of Confidential Records and Waiver of Liability Form.